My name is Matthew Moisant. 

I am 21 and I am a portrait, wedding & adventure photographer 

based in Seattle, Washington.


My Story

I started taking photos in 2014 with my IPod 5th Gen. I went from Using my IPod to capture day to day excitement to stealing my sisters camera for school trips my senior year of high school. I eventually bought my own camera ( a rebel T6i) after my senior year of high school. I used this for short trips with friends and free time in-between soccer and school.


In 2017, after two years of college I decided to drop out to pursue photography full-time. Since leaving school, I have enjoyed all the places I've been to and the people and companies I've been able to work with.  If your interested in working together hit the button below. 


Cool guy takes cool pics knows all the good spots
— Nathaniel Smidt